Soup Ladies, known for taking care of first responders, need your help

SEATTLE -- The Soup Ladies are known for helping to take care of first responders in times of need. Now, they are asking for the community's help.

The Soup Ladies rally, mobilize and support police, firefighters, military and other first responders who are busy working when disaster strikes. They spent 16 days feeding crews after the Oso landslide hit in 2014. They also traveled down to Chico, Calif., last year to help feed crews battling wildfires.

They say many times, their trips involve traveling to rural areas, where the roads may not be properly paved. They're raising money to buy a four-wheel-drive truck and say they need it to help them get to where they need to go. The Maple Valley Rotary is helping to raise funds. They're looking to raise $45,000.

You can donate to the cause here. Excess funds will be held for the Soup Ladies future needs and the Maple Valley Rotary Foundation to use on future local projects.