Sound Transit execs discuss new facility that could impact Kent Dick's Drive-In

KENT, Wash. -- A committee of Sound Transit executives met Thursday to discuss several possible sites for a new light rail maintenance facility as the Link expands southward.

One of those site options would mean the closure of a newly-opened Dick's Drive-In in Kent. At the moment, the Dick's location is the only one in south King County.

The president of the iconic Seattle-area restaurant chain says the community has voiced its opinion, and it's been loud and clear.

"There were over 2,100 emails that were received before the official comment period, and almost 1,000 received during the official comment period. And over 97 percent of all those communications were opposed to taking the site," said Dick's Drive-In President Jasmine Donovan.

Sound Transit says it hasn't been easy to find a 30-acre plot of land for its light rail maintenance facility. It had a public feedback period that ended earlier this month, and the information from that will be used to help determine which sites will be studied further in the coming months.