'Sonics Anthem' singer tied to Kings, but he's still singing for a move

SEATTLE - Seattle could know later today if the Sacramento Kings will be moving to the Emerald City.

And one Puget Sound family has a big stake in the decision.

Local singer Kalieb Nash is featured in the Sonics anthem, “We Ready,” produced by Edawg and Chris Hansen last fall.

In the anthem, Nash sings, “We want our Sundays back and we’re not taking no for an answer.” The 20-year old previously sang the national anthem for the Seattle Supersonics and Storm.

In an interesting twist of fate, Nash’s cousin is NBA guard Isaiah Thomas, who currently plays for the Kings. The NBA Relocation/Finance Committee will meet via teleconference Monday to make a recommendation on the fate of the Kings.

The final decision is up to the NBA’s Board of Governors, which could make a decision within weeks.