#SonicBoomDay encourages fans to voice support for return of NBA to Seattle

SEATTLE -- A University of Washington professor urged people to take time Monday to contact city leaders about how they feel about the future of professional basketball in Seattle and the various arena proposals. The day is dubbed, "Sonic Boom Day."

Professor Jeffrey Shulman said he wanted everyone to call, tweet or write to city council members, no matter their opinion.

"Sonic Boom day is not just about sports it's about taking control of the future of this city and having your voice heard. Everyone's voice matters whether you're a sports fan or not and now is the time to express that," said Shulman.

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Shulman told people to be respectful when reaching out to city council members. He also said to tell them where you live, share what you want and reasons for it, be concise, avoid threats of any kind and thank your council member or aide.

He also provided a sample script for you to use:

I live in      WHERE YOU LIVE     . I am reaching out in support of       CHOOSE:  A SODO ARENA /  A SEATTLE CENTER ARENA   . I have been learning about the key issues from        ENTER INFORMATION SOURCE (E.G., SEATTLE GROWTH PODCAST).  I believe    CHOOSE: SODO/ SEATTLE CENTER   , is the right choice because     WRITE ONE TO THREE REASONS  .

I hope you will support        ENTER ARENA     . Thank you for your time.

People took their opinions to Twitter, using the hashtag #SonicBoomDay

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