'Sometimes people get spoiled with greatness,' and 6 other things Richard Sherman said today

SEATTLE - As has become his custom, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman conducted a highly entertaining press conference during his weekly session Wednesday.

In advance of Sunday's NFC divisional playoff game at the Carolina Panthers - which will be televised on the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX, with coverage beginning at 6 a.m. and kickoff at 10:05 a.m. - Sherman talked about Warren Moon, the beauty of end-zone celebrations and why the Seahawks' defense can't get no respect.

Here are our favorites quotes:

On why Warren Moon was his favorite player growing up: "Black quarterback. Wasn’t a lot of them back then. I was like, huh, there’s one black quarterback. I hope he wins."

On who he measures himself against: "After a while you stop competing with other people and you start competing with yourself.  You start competing with history and just seeing how good you can get and how perfect you can play."

On why the Seahawks' defense isn't getting as much respect this year: "Sometimes people get spoiled with greatness. I’m not surprised people said this is a bad year for our defense when we ranked No. 2 in total defense and No. 1 in scoring defense, but that’s a bad year – that doesn’t surprise me. Sometimes people get spoiled with it."

On the best way to stop Cam Newton: "The way that he doesn’t complete a lot of passes."

On whether Newton's end-zone celebrations bother him: "You get to the end zone in an NFL game, you deserve the right to celebrate. You’ve worked hard, you’re a professional athlete – if you don’t get to celebrate in the pros, when do you get to celebrate? When do you get to show what you can do, to enjoy yourself? I mean, this is a game. I think some people who’ve never played it, who’ve never expressed passion, who sit behind desks  all day and do all that … I mean, maybe you celebrate sometimes when you do something great and nobody judges you, cause nobody’s watching. But as you’re watching him, enjoy it. He’s enjoying it. He can enjoy his craft.  If he wants to celebrate, that’s fine. "

On whether Pete Carroll uses his two firings to inspire the Seahawks: "He’s only been fired twice? Because he made it sound like it was eight times. "

On whether Sunday's subzero temperatures had a lasting impact on his body: " I’m sure there’s some chemical imbalances or something going on, but nothing I can feel."