Some Seattle businesses closed for 'A Day Without Immigrants', but others decided against it

SEATTLE  --  While there is no official list of local businesses participating in this movement, “A Day Without Immigrants”,  we did find some businesses that had closed their doors and posted signs up saying they were participating.

In fact, one business owner says he’s doing things a little bit differently. Instead of shutting down, he says he is choosing to pay it forward.

Edward Moran moved from Mexico to the United States in 1984. He opened El Norte Lounge in Lake City about seven years ago. And instead of closing up shop along with many other immigrant small business owners across the nation, Eduardo was open for business Thursday.

“I don’t believe in closing a place just to protest,” says Eduardo.

Instead, he says he’s paying it forward. Eduardo is asking customers to pay in cash to avoid bank fees from credit card machines. He says he plans to donate a portion of his proceeds to a nonprofit that focuses on helping immigrants here in the Pacific Northwest. And he’s calling on other business owners to do the same.

“If we do this together for one week, I want to see the impact we have on this economy at the bank,” says Eduardo.

“We’re supporting him and his efforts and he's paying it forward,” says customer Kim Lawson.

“I think it's important to honor those people who are here and working really hard,” says customer Jill Scollard.

While there is no official list of businesses participating in this protest locally, we drove around Seattle tonight and found a few shops, including one on Capital Hill and one in White Center, with notices on the door saying they were shut down in support of “A day without immigrants”.

“I did think about closing, but my heart told me and my gut instincts said you are wrong,” says Eduardo.

While he knows some may criticize him for staying open, he says he’s doing what he thinks is best for his business and his employees.

“In this industry everybody makes money every day; tips, you stop it’s not just your paycheck, it’s your tips. Share the wealth instead of stopping and not doing anything work hard and share the wealth,” says Eduardo.