Some people are upset with Tacoma's new code compliance map

TACOMA, WA - The City of Tacoma released a new feature on its website aimed at keeping the community clean, but some people do not agree with it.

On the city’s website is a new map that highlights code compliance violators. The map’s default filter shows all open nuisance cases.

The map also shows building violations and right-of-way-violations.

“I guess we’re a nuisance,” said Joe Hebert.

Joe Hebert’s home is on the list for "nuisance." However, Hebert and his wife say they have no idea why.

“That’s shocking, it really is,” said Hebert.

“We didn’t even know there was such a thing,” said Kandi Hebert.

The city’s website explains the process of “steps to compliance."

First, a community member reports a concern to the city. A code compliance officer then inspects the property.

If a violation is confirmed, a notice is sent to both the property owner and the address of where the violation happened (if the two are different).

Once repairs are due for completion, the compliance officer re-inspects the property.

If the issue is still present or there is no change, the city may issue a fine or look to close the property.

The Heberts say none of this happened.

“Nobody has ever come here; nobody has every called me; nobody has given me a letter. I haven’t heard from the city at all,” said Kandi Hebert. “I keep my place looking great and I don’t see how I can be a problem,” she added.

The Heberts say what is most concerning is their names, their address, and the value of their property are listed on the city’s website without their knowledge.

“We shouldn’t be on this list,” said Kandi Hebert.

The city defines nuisance property violations as unsafe, unhealthy or undesirable conditions that exist on public or private property, are generally not part of the main building or structure, and may include abandoned or inoperable vehicles.

Building violations are defined by the severity and/or number of issues present on a building or structure. Right-of-way violations occur within the public right-of-way, no on private property. Violations include abandoned or inoperable vehicles, overgrown vegetation and debris.