Grocery stores slammed ahead of expected lowland snow in Western Washington

People in Lewis County are definitely paying attention to the news of possible snow starting Thursday. The most popular spots on Wednesday seemed to be grocery stores like Fuller’s Market Place in Centralia.

"We had to call in extra help about 7:30 we had a rush," owner Darris McDaniel said.

McDaniel says people are panic buying some items like water, bread and soup.

As they try to keep up with customer demand inside, Manager Cindy Berry was paying attention to the outside.

"Makes it so it’s not slippery for customers," Berry said.


Berry pulling out rock salt they’ve had in storage for years.

Customers appreciate the care to keep the parking lot safe and Jolena Mathis is hoping the effort won’t be in vain.

"I hope it snows a lot like a foot," Mathis said.

Mathis has lived in Lewis County all her life but this year she is craving snow more than ever for her kids.

"It will probably be better than Christmas Eve if it snows, if it snows a foot," Mathis said.

She says it’s a needed distraction from everything going on during a pandemic.

"That means we get our sleds out," Mathis said.

Weather Alert Days: Frigid temps and potential for lowland snow starting Thursday

For some families the potential for snow means they are planning out all the fun things they can do.

But for others like Berry who has to report to work no matter what, she’s worked out a plan with the boss.

"They will come and get me I have to wait across my front yard to the road and they will pick me up," Berry said.