Some communities get snow, brace for possibility of more as temperatures drop

Some people in Western Washington woke up to snow. It may be a sign of what’s to come.

A winter weather advisory just expired for the East Puget Sound Lowlands from Snohomish County to Pierce County, including Arlington, Gold Bar, Duvall, Snoqualmie, Buckley, and Eatonville.

In Redmond Ridge, there was snow and slush on the roadways until mid-day. Many communities at an elevation above 500 feet saw similar conditions. 

For 3-year-old Ava Mohammadi there was enough on the ground for her father to take a day off of work.

"That makes me so happy to do some more snow play," said her dad Hamid Mohammadi, while helping his daughter make a snowman. 


Like so many, he’s been watching the forecast and sees the possibility of more daddy-daughter snow days in the future. 

"Now that we’re working from home and everything," Mohammadi said. "Even if it snows for a few weeks, that’s going to be better, I'm going to be happier." 

Fourth-grader Humaira Kapoor took a break from online school to squeeze in a little sledding. She wants more snow later this week.

"I’m not sure how many inches this is, like two inches I think this is," Kapoor said. "But I think if we have like four inches of snow, that would be better." 

For others, it’s less about play and more about being prepared.

The chance for real snow in the coming days, means now’s the time to load up on essentials.

"Let’s just stock up just in case," said Cheryl Williamson after grabbing groceries at the QFC on Redmond Ridge.

There’s actually a bizarre snow trend for us that strangely has to do with Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl. For the fourth time now, after Brady wins football’s biggest game, we get snow here in the Pacific Northwest in the days that follow.

Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a blowout win on Sunday.

Who knows what that will mean for the possiblity of more snow later this week?