Some Boeing Machinists urge 'yes' vote on contract offer

Their voices might not be the loudest in the war between Boeing and union machinists, but they've already won one battle. A contingent of Boeing workers, who demanded and succeeded in pushing for a vote on the company's latest offer, is now encouraging other union members to support the contract that could secure Washington's  aerospace future for decades to come.

Facebook page urging union leadership to "Give Us A Voice" appears to be gaining supporters. One post includes a rebuttal of union leadership's reasons for advising a "no" vote on the contract.

"The Union wants you to be confused so you throw your hands up in the air and vote no because it’s a 'bad' contract according to the union," the rebuttal states. Other posts encourage supporters to "stand strong" and not be bullied into voting against the contract.

Machinists overwhelmingly rejected Boeing's initial contract offer in November, pointing out the lack of a pension plan as a deal-breaker. They'll vote again Friday, January 3.