Solstice forecast: Calmer, drier weather expected for the shortest day of the year

SEATTLE -- Thursday's windstorm was a doozy!

Gusts topped 65 mph here in Puget Sound, with Everett reporting a gust of 66 mph. Mt. Baker had a gust of 117 mph and Seattle had a gust of 52 mph. Trees fell on homes, businesses flooded, and popular parks and trail heads in Olympia are still closed from storm damage.

We have a break from the storms for a little while so that will help.

Friday will be dry and calm. Friday afternoon at 2:22 pm, winter starts. The solstice marks the shortest day of the year, and that means starting Saturday we gain a little daylight. On average, we gain about three minutes per day for the next 6 months.

Saturday starts out with a little rain but the day will be dry. Saturday night it gets wet again and it looks pretty wet and gusty for the Seahawks victory.

Kickoff temperature will be around 43 degrees. Pretty chilly with that rain and breeze but go Hawks. Still no White Christmas on tap but it looks drier next week.