Snow storm affecting flights at Sea-Tac

SEATTLE -- A number of flights were impacted  by severe winter weather across the the country forcing airlines to delay flights by several hours or cancel flights at Sea-Tac airport today.

As of 9 a.m. this morning, almost 20 flights were delayed by as much as little as 20 minutes and several were delayed by more than an hour from Sea-Tac because of the weather. Flights to Philadelphia, Minneapolis and New York were also cancelled.

Officials say anyone planning to catch a flight at Sea-Tac to check with their airlines to see if your flight is impacted at all by the weather.

Even if your destination is not on the east coast flights could still be impacted because of the storm. Over 3,000 flights have been affected in the last three days.


The big hit caused several flight delays at Sea-Tac Airport. As of 7 a.m. this was the list of flight delays and cancellations:


Delayed – Delta 1962 to Atlanta, scheduled for 11:52am, now at 2 p.m.

Delayed – Alaska 12 to Boston, scheduled for 9:35am, now at 10:05am

Delayed – American 1628 to Chicago O’Hare, scheduled for 12:05pm, now at 12:45pm
Delayed – Delta 2424 to Detroit, scheduled for 9:40am, now at 10:15am
Delayed – United 324 to Houston, scheduled for 12:01pm, now at 1:30pm

Canceled – Southwest 3694 to Chicago Midway, scheduled for 6:35am

Delayed – American 2240 to Chicago O’Hare, scheduled for 6am, now a 7:45am

Canceled – United 883 to Denver, scheduled for 6:35am
Canceled – American 236 to New York JFK, scheduled for 7:15am

Canceled – US Airways 553 to Philadelphia, scheduled for 8:35am


Delayed – Alaska 23 from Chicago O’Hare, scheduled 10:45am, now 11:18am
Delayed – American 1628 from Chicago O’Hare, scheduled 11:15am, now 12:01pm
Delayed – Delta 440 from New York JFK, scheduled 10:57am, now 1:36pm (updated arrival time)
Delayed – Alaska 1 from Washington DCA, scheduled 10:37am, now 12:15pm
Delayed – United 282 from Washington IAD, scheduled 11:09 am, now 1pm

Canceled – Alaska 25 from Boston, scheduled arrival 11:05am

Delayed – Delta 440 from New York JFK, scheduled arrival 10:57am, now 1:17pm

Canceled – Alaska 15 from Newark, scheduled arrival 10:15am

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The heavy snow falling along much of the mid-Atlantic Coast into New England is expected to taper off Friday as a nor’easter heads into Canada, leaving bitter cold in its wake, the National Weather Service said.

By early morning, the snowfall was nearly finished in the nation’s capital; it was expected to stop by late morning in New York City, where 6 inches were covering Central Park, and by early afternoon in Boston, which got socked by nearly 15 inches.

North of Boston, residents of Topsfield, Massachusetts, got nearly 2 feet of snow.