Snow fallout: Drivers spin out on slippery roads

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. -- The snow has stopped falling – but the roads are still tricky out there.

The Washington State Patrol says they’ve responded close to 200 accidents on Friday.

Close to Milepost 212 on Interstate 5 is where Brady Kittelson wrecked his fancy car and ruined his day.

“I’m glad that everyone else was paying attention and they noticed I was losing control because I would hate to have somebody else get injured,” said Kittleson.

Troopers gave Brady an early Christmas present -- a $175 fine for not driving safely in the slippery conditions.

“I had music going and all of a sudden, I panicked, pressing the brakes, tried to steer. It was just out of control,” said Kittleson. “I started swerving and the next thing I know I went all across the lane and in the ditch.”

He wasn’t the only one having problems -- about six-dozen other drivers spun out in both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-5.

Sheila Rucktie didn’t get Brady’s memo either -- her Lincoln was destined for the ditch.

“I went to change lanes, I hit a slushy spot and spun out,” said Rucktie. “Now I’m in the ditch waiting in for a tow truck.”

Sixty Washington State Department of Transportation snowplows worked overtime to clear the freeways and state highways.

“We had crews out during the day and overnight putting on deicer and generally preparing the roads,” said the WSDOT's Tom Pearce.

Since Friday was the last day of autumn, this storm is kind of like a trial run for the winter season.

“This storm was a good warmup for us,” said Pearce.