Snoqualmie mayor tests positive for Covid-19

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. -- A mayor in King County has tested positive for novel coronavirus.

Mayor Matt Larson, photo courtesy Snoqualmie government

According to a release from the city of Snoqualmie, Mayor Matt Larson was tested for Covid-19 on March 16 after showing symptoms of the virus, including a fever and a cough. His test came back positive on March 22.

Larson has been in self-isolation at home for the past 10 days and will continue to self-isolate until all symptoms are gone.

Although Larson was not at work when he started showing symptoms, City Hall will still be disinfected.

“I do not know anyone with COVID-19 and do not know where I contracted the illness,” Larson said. “My positive test results underscore that this is an invisible threat. I cannot stress enough the importance of our community sheltering at home at this time.

“I am fortunate to be healthy and have staved off the serious repercussions that could have required hospitalization, but many have a higher-risk of becoming more seriously ill. There are many youth in the community who are not practicing social distancing and gathering in large groups putting vulnerable populations at risk. I implore parents to explain the risks to their kids – both for themselves and others – and keep them home until the public health agencies deem the risk has decreased.”