SniffSpot: App helps Seattle dog guardians find off-leash spots

Seattle is considered very dog-friendly. But for many dog owners, finding an off-leash area can be very frustrating. Well, there’s an app for that. It's called “SniffSpot" where it locates off-leash dog areas and even provides people an opportunity to earn some cash on the side.

“It's actually really hard to find quality dog parks in the Seattle area,” said SniffSpot founder David Adams.

The idea of SniffSpot came when Adams, who lives in Seattle,  noticed that he was having to travel 45 minutes to find a quality off-leash area for his dog “Soba.”

Adams’ girlfriend also helped with the idea.

“She actually said to me, I wish there was an app where I can find dog parks and go there with my dog,” said Adams.

So Adams, a former Microsoft employee, came up with the idea.

Adams described "SniffSpot” as the AirBNB of off-leash dog areas, where you can list your space for dogs to run around, meet other dog owners, and through private parties for the dogs.

“Anybody can list a space,” he said. “You can list your backyard, you can list a property that you have or a farm. You can list an indoor space that you have.”

Beth Clark of Mountlake Terrace is a retired veterinarian assistant. She uses SniffSpot to make extra cash. She said more off leash areas are needed in the area.

“A public off leash dog spot is teeming with bacteria. I`ve had clients have their dogs get sick there for the common kennel cough. So a SnifSpot location, you`re in control.”

SniffSpot lets the host set their rates, the availability of the space and other ground rules.

It's up to the dog owner to pick up after their pet though.

“SniffSpot offers damage protection so if damage were to happen then SniffSpot will reimburse you for that damage. Like beyond wear and tear,” said Adams.

Adams said right now the app is mainly used for finding off-leash dog areas in the Puget Sound. There is a lot of people using the app in Fremont and Ballard. But he also said that there are listings elsewhere like in Bremerton, Monroe, Yelm and Spokane.