Smart apartment up for rent in downtown Seattle

SEATTLE -- This apartment is equipped with special space-saving technology and is officially up for rent.

It's located at Cyrene Apartments in downtown Seattle.

A company called Bumblebee Spaces, based out of San Francisco, is behind this smart home invention.

There are a lot of things that make this apartment very unique.

For example, the bed is stored in the ceiling. You can lower it at night when you are ready to sleep and raise it up to create more space during the day. This is voice-controlled too.

Cabinets in the living room area can also be lowered and raised.

The apartment is a one bedroom, but it has the potential to be a two bedroom. Whoever rents the space will have views of South downtown Seattle, the stadiums and the Seattle waterfront.

"It's perfect for someone who lives by themselves, but always has a lot of visitors or a lot of family." said real estate broker Monica Ulmer. "A single parent with a child that visits them every weekend or even students who do share small spaces as they do a lot in college and what not."

There are apartment with the space-saving technology already being used in New York and San Francisco. Real estate experts hope they will see the same success in Seattle.

The rent costs $2850.