Small Business Sunday: San Juan Island Fishing Charters

San Juan Island Fishing Charters is worried about staying afloat during the Coronavirus pandemic. Like other businesses deemed "non-essential," government-mandated closures have put the business's future at risk.

How can you help?: Follow San Juan Island Fishing Charters on Facebook and Twitter. Andy says sharing fishing videos and photos will help them bring in business once the "stay-at-home" order is lifted.

Learn more about the charity mentioned in this episode, Black Dog Hunting, by visiting its website.

“Small Business Sunday” is an effort to lift up local companies impacted by Coronavirus. Each Sunday on “The Divide,” Brandi Kruse highlights how businesses are getting creative to survive during mandated government closures. Do you know a company that should be featured? Email TheDivide@Q13FOX.COM, using the subject line “Small Business Sunday.”