Slow down or pay up: Deputies tracking traffic patterns of speeders

KITSAP COUNTY -- New speed zone signs are helping deputies track traffic patterns and crack down on speeders. The mobile signs not only notify drivers how fast they are going, but they also capture and store real-time data including the speed of the car, time of day, and day of the week. The information is then used to identify hot spots for speeders.

“The mobile speed feedback signs give us data right to our computer that helps us organize and plan speed patrols that are data-driven and use the patrol time most effectively,” said Marsha Masters, Kitsap County’s Target Zero Manager.

The pilot program sponsored by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission was launched in Kitsap County and Thurston County, according to Masters. From February 22 through March 7, extra speed enforcement patrols will be out on the streets.

“We’re hoping these two new projects will provide us with a road map for reducing fatal and serious injury collisions involving speeding in the future,” said Washington Traffic Safety Commission director Darrin Grondel.

If a driver passes the sign at a high-rate of speed, the smart sign sends out an email alert to the project managers. Project organizers added that the signs do not collect or store personal information.

Additional patrols for the program are scheduled for this spring and summer.