Slow down: Lake Forest Park police see uptick in drivers speeding around school zones

For the last year or so, Washington drivers have been used to regular speed limits around schools, since students have been learning remotely due to the pandemic. 

However, as of April 5, students in kindergarten through sixth grade returned to classrooms as part of a state-mandated hybrid learning model, and Lake Forest Park police say people aren't slowing down. 

In Lake Forest Park, police say 6,000 speeding tickets have been issued in school zones in the last three weeks. 

Police say drivers need to get back into the mentality of slowing down in school zones.

School zones are 20 mph. The speed change is in effect when the school zone sign lights are flashing. 

Police also warn that students aren't just coming in during the morning and leaving in the afternoon-- these students will come and go all day long because of the hybrid model. 

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