Skagit County businesses get boost as many flock to the tulip festival in the nice weather

The sunshine and warming temperatures have many people flocking to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and it’s giving businesses in Skagit County a much-needed boost.

"Anytime the sun shines, we’re really busy. People want to eat ice cream when it’s nice and sunny outside," said Erika Fairman, co-owner of Snow Goose Produce.

Like many small businesses, the family-owned market was hit hard last year because the tulip festival was canceled due to COVID-19. The annual event brings in 400,000 visitors and $65 million to the local economy.

"We just didn’t have people coming through and understandably that was the safe choice for everyone," said Fairman.

With the sun shining this week and the tulip festival in full bloom, Fairman says she is grateful to be back up serving ice cream again.

"We’re very excited and the unique situation to have the peak tulips bloom with such a beautiful week of weather, we’re very lucky and excited.

The Anderson family has been coming to the tulip festival for more than 30 years only to have their family tradition put on hold last year.

"It’s been hard to miss on all the traditions. I live in California so I didn’t get to come up for this or come up for Christmas or anything, so it feels a little extra special to be back this year," said Jade Taylor.

After what has been a difficult pandemic for all of us and a late start to spring, the sunshine and warmer temperatures are just what the doctor ordered.

"It’s special to be back together this year, that’s for sure, especially after such a hard year," said Taylor.

The festival runs until the end of April.