Six arrested in connection to property damages during Seattle protest

Damaged Seattle businesses during a protest Sunday night. Photo: Seattle Police

Six people have been arrested in connection to multiple property damages during a protest in Seattle's First Hill neighborhood, destroying numerous businesses' windows.

Seattle Police said in an online statement Monday they received numerous reports Sunday night around 10:15 p.m. of individuals marching from Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill, along 7th Avenue and Madison, some smashing windows of businesses.  

Police caught up with the group marching and arrested six people in connection to the property damages. 

In total, officials said eight businesses were damaged Sunday night. Two people arrested were booked into the King County Jail. The other four were released with pending further charges.

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Protester weapons obtained by police. Photo: Seattle Police

These damages come just weeks after many businesses and property damages occurred in late July, one massive fire set to a construction site at a King County Juvenile Detention Facility along 12th Avenue in Seattle by dozens of protesters.

During the July 25 'riot' SPD declared, a Starbucks coffee shop along 12th Ave. was destroyed and ransacked a dozen protesters set a juvenile detention facility construction site ablaze. 

Over fifty people were arrested in a riot that occurred in late May during demonstrations in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill.