Sisters of woman killed on Tacoma's Hosmer Street question if violence will ever end

Investigators with Tacoma Police said they received tips about a deadly shooting on S Hosmer Street from Tuesday morning.

25-year-old Astina Messieur was shot and killed in the parking lot of an area hotel. 

"She’s a beautiful person. She was so full of life," said sisters Adia and Jeanette.

The family described Astina as a beloved sister and devoted mother of two young children. She was more than just another life lost to violence on that street.

"She loved her kids. Her kids were her world, she would do anything for them. And she was trying her hardest to get them away from Hosmer, to change their lives, to give them a better life.," said Adia, with tears in her eyes. "She was trying, she was trying so hard."

Astina’s dream for a better life was cut short. Adia and Jeanette live in the neighborhood and ran to the scene moments after they heard Astina was shot Tuesday morning. The family said detectives told them her death was a case of mistaken identity.

"Wrong car, wrong person situation, and that they’re still looking for who did it," recalled Adia.

"When is it going to stop? The violence is just a lot, and too much over here," said Jeanette. "It’s crazy when her daughter is asking if her dad is going to be next."

South Hosmer Street, between 84th and 90th, is less than a half-mile, but it’s the epicenter of a staggering amount of crime in Tacoma. According to the City of Tacoma’s crime map, there have been 1,355 crimes between the years 2014 and 2021. In comparison, just one block over during the same time period—a half-mile stretch of South Alaska Street—had just 120 incidents. A little further east, South Ainsworth had only 95 incidents.

"I’m scared to even let my kids play outside. They’re kids, and they can’t even go outside. There’s so much violence on Hosmer, it’s like an everyday thing," said Adia. "It’s like, if you live on Hosmer, you have to get used to hearing the gunshots and the police sirens and the fighting and screaming and yelling. And it’s bad. You never know who’s going to be next."

They never thought the next life taken on that street would be their sister.

MAP: Data shows cluster of budget hotels have become hotspot for violence, crime in Tacoma

The cluster of budget hotels in South Tacoma near where a woman was gunned down early Tuesday morning has become an outsized crime magnet for the city, according to data reviewed by FOX 13 News.

While Tacoma Police say not much can be revealed about the investigation, there will be emphasis patrols on South Hosmer Street.

"You will see cars out there, more often than you might normally. And of course, that is within the boundaries of our staffing considerations," said Tacoma Police spokesperson Wendy Haddow. "But that is a priority, it’s a priority of our chief to address violent crime. And that will be something you see out there." 

Officers will continue canvassing the area for more evidence and video. Anyone who may know more information about the deadly shooting is asked to call police at 253-591-5950 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Information can also be submitted online and reports can remain anonymous.

The family said no stone will go unturned. They will do everything they can to bring their sister’s killer to justice and locked away.

"You will be found. Me and my family will be at every trial, hearing; we want justice," said Jeanette. "Her daughter grieving from losing her mother. What you guys did was wrong and unfair. Her kids no longer have a mother to come home to. You messed up and hit the wrong person. Me and my sister were just with her hours before this. I just hope whoever you are, turn yourself in!"

Memories of Astina’s big heart are all the family has left to help heal their own broken hearts—never forgetting her dream of a better life for her children.

"[We] have to try and do what she would want. We have to try to be happy and keep her kids happy. And give them the life she would have wanted them to have, the life she was trying to give them," said Adia.

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