'Simply Seattle' offers free face masks

SEATTLE -- Staying safe doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply Seattle is on a mission to make sure people have access to affordable masks that they actually want to wear.

Simply Seattle has been around for years now and they've come up with all kinds of popular t-shirts – embracing our local sports culture and community.

Most recently they sold t-shirts that allowed us to share what we miss most during these challenging times.  It was all in an effort to bring the community together - by buying a shirt you were also helping the local Food Lifeline food bank.

Now, it’s face masks. Owner Jamie Munson says you're just asked to pay the 4.99 shipping and handling and they will take care of the rest.

Munson says they’ve already had over 8,500 orders in just five days. He's hoping their designs will inspire people to mask up and be safe when they are out in public.

For more information on these free masks and other products that are designed to give back, go to simplyseattle.com.