Silky the hairless hamster has been adopted!

Silky, the hairless hamster at the Oregon Humane Society, has been adopted! Matthew Sears of SE Portland saw the story online and knew he was ready to add a pet to his life.

He told the humane society that being hairless is now a family trait. Sears is bald, and he thought Silky would say, "There's Daddy!" when they first met.

Sears added, “I had a wonderful experience visiting the shelter. If anyone ever feels bad, they should visit there and meet all the happy people. Even if I had not adopted, it was a good experience, there was so much love.”

Silky is about 1 years old and was born hairless. She does have short, curly whiskers on her snout, but is otherwise hairless with soft, sensitive skin.

Earlier this month, she got a tiny sweater. A pic of her in the sweater went viral.

OHS will share additional updates about her adoptive family when possible.

All OHS adopters are encouraged to share updates on their adopted pets with the tag #OHSpets on social media.