Show dogs have 'ruff' time getting home, owner blames airline

SEATTTLE -- Two show dogs from Seattle fresh from competition at the Westminster Dog Show in New York encountered major problems getting home to Pacific Northwest.

According to the dogs' owner, Kaitlyn Jones, two handlers with two dogs say they got their leashes yanked by Delta Airlines.

According to handlers Jones, it was supposed to be one handler and one dog on two separate flights. But the handlers encountered many issues. First, a handler got bumped from a flight and but the dog got sent solo. Later, both a handler and the remaining dog got bumped, but for more than two hours, the Seattle traveler says she nor the airline knew where the remaining dog was.

Eventually, the dog and the handler were reunited. The dog that was sent solo on the airline was picked up at the airport by Jones. The remaining dog and two handlers fly home today, and are expected to land at SeaTac around noon.

Delta Airlines tells the customers that there's only so much room for live animals on each plane-- and when there's lots of animals coming from a show like the Westminster Dog Show there can be problems.

But the owners say temperatures on the tarmac being below freezing is problematic for the dogs-- and they'd love it if the airline policies would prioritize animals over luggage in the extreme cold or heat.

Traveling with dogs is very different based on the airline- if you've got questions-- we've found a great resource for you. It's called Bring Fido. It details the cost and policies of nearly every airline all in one handy spot.