Shoppers prepare for the next round of snow: 'Get it done now'

SEATTLE -- As the saying goes the early bird gets the worm, or if you’re in western Washington, the early birds gets the sandbags ahead of another round of snow.

Brian Shook is the owner of Five Corners Hardware Co. in Queen Anne, where sandbags have been flying off pallets at record speed.

“It’s been crazy over the last two days,” said Shook said. “We sold a little over 10,000 pounds and we’re going to sell about 10,000 pounds in an hour this morning, and we have 17 pallets coming tomorrow which is about 40,000 pounds.”

Shoppers like Mark Mutcalf are making sure they’re prepared to tackle slick driveways and sidewalks, buying salt and brine ahead of the next winter storm that is expected to impact western Washington beginning Friday.

Mutcalf also decided to turn his shopping experience into a group scavenger hunt of sorts.

“I’m buying salt for me and my buddies. I’ve got only six unfortunately and we said whoever can find it let's buy a bag for everyone,” said Mutcalf.

And it’s not just shoppers at hardware stores that are stocking up; grocery stores across western Washington are also making sure their shelves are filled for an influx of customers.

“Make sure you got your water, juices, food, breakfast stuff, cereal, and batteries,” said Nicole Allen, a QFC manager. “Also make sure you have your flashlights.”

Preparing for the worst-case scenario includes being ready in case you’re in stuck in your home for several days.

“Actually, I did most of my shopping yesterday,” said Betsy Wood. “I am just running errands, decided to squeak in one minute go around. Just because I know we aren’t going to be able to get out because I live on the top of the hill.”

As the snow approaches the time to prepare is now before aisles go empty.

“I say get it done now,” said Wood. “Because by dinner time the parking lot is going to be full.”