Shooting spree suspect allegedly wanted to die, told cops: 'Your guys aren’t very good shots'

EVERETT -- The suspect in a wild shootout with police last week, Hans Hansen, faced a judge for the first time on Monday while court documents suggested a possible motive for the shooting spree.

Cops said Hansen targeted police last Wednesday night because he wanted them to shoot and kill him. Court papers said it’s all because both his business and his health was failing – and just before the alleged shooting spree, Hansen learned his son was suicidal.

Hansen was bruised and bloodied where a police bullet struck his head during the shootings.

On Monday, Hansen sat with his public defender while state prosecutors relived Wedneday night's terrifying shootout.

“This was a very dangerous and violent outburst directed at police officers at multiple police departments,” prosecutor Ed Stemler said.

From Granite Falls to Lake Stevens and finally ending in Marysville, Hansen fired off multiple rounds into police cars and buildings, prosecutors said.

According to court documents, Hansen told police, “I wish I was dead; your guys aren’t very good shots.”

“The defendant indicated he was suicidal and wanted to die,” Stemler said.

Hansen was heavily armed, according to investigators, packing eight guns the night of the shootings. Police said Hansen had 2 AK-47s, an AR-15, 3 rifles, one shotgun and a pistol.

Police also said Hansen used high-powered ammunition designed for the military -- steel slugs that could rip through cars and buildings.

Court papers detail that Hansen was upset because of his failing cabinet-making business – so investigators say he shot up a building where his ex-landlord worked.

Court papers also said Hanson worried about problems with his legs, fearing that one would soon have to be amputated.

But that’s not all -- court papers also said that Hansen planned to take his shooting spree to the Marysville Navy Support Complex if cops didn’t stop him first.

Hansen is being held in jail without bond and could face charges of first-degree assault and drive-by shooting.

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