Shellfish harvesting shut down in some areas due to high levels of paralytic poison

SEATTLE -- Shellfish harvesting was being closed in Liberty Bay, along the eastern shore of Bainbridge Island and the eastern shoreline of Kitsap County because of high levels of paralytic shellfish poison, the city of Bainbridge Island announced Wednesday.

The species affected are clams, oysters and mussels, the city said.

"Shrimp and crab are not included in this closure, but crabs should be cleaned prior to cooking, and the 'crab butter' should be discarded," the city said in a news release. "Shellfish harvested commercially that are available in stores and restaurants are tested for toxins prior to distribution and are safe to eat."

The closure areas are:

The eastern shoreline of Bainbridge Island:  from Point Monroe south to Restoration Point.

The eastern shoreline of Kitsap County:  from Point No Point south to Point Jefferson.