Shaquem Griffin plays video games with injured veterans

SEATTLE, Wash.-- Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin connected with two injured veterans at the top of the Space Needle to share their personal experiences and bond over their mutual love of video games.

Griffin had his left hand amputated at 4-years-old. He has defied the odds and become one of the NFL's most inspiring figures. 


The meetup was hosted by USAA, Official NFL Salute to Service Partner, as part of their “Salute to Service” initiative. USAA says the goal of these connections is to foster a greater understanding between NFL players and military members.

The two men in the video are Israel "DT" Del Tora, a US. Air Force Master Sgt, and Jeremy Daniels, a Wounded Warrior Project alum who served in the US Army as a helicopter mechanic and crew member.

In 2005, Del Toro's Humvee hit an IED in Afghanistan. He was severely injured, losing most of his fingers and suffering third degree burns on more than 80% of his body. Doctors told him he’d likely never walk or breathe on his own again. Del Toro overcame those odds, becoming the first 100% combat disabled Air Force technician to re-enlist in the military. He is now an Air Force training instructor.

Daniels served in Kuwait/Mosel from 2003-2004 and in Kuwait/Balad, Iraq from 2005-2006. In 2007, he was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). He's a huge Seahawks fan and loves to game. Unfortunately, he has not been able to play video games for two years due to lack of fine motor control of his hands.