Several assaulted by man in random attack in Seattle

SEATTLE -- Seattle police arrested a man that randomly attacked a group of about 30 people in Pioneer Square last week.

It happened Thursday, Aug. 1, around 6:30 p.m. on Second Avenue Ext 2.

Police reports say a man attacked multiple people on the street.

“He pushed me, and I mean, it was a lot of force,” said Sandy Smith. “The force of it lifted me up into the air and threw me against the building and onto the street,” she added.

Smith is a business owner in Pioneer Square. She says she and a few dozen people were walking the first Thursday art walk, when the suspect started pushing and punching the people she was with. He eventually got to her.

Officials with the Seattle City Attorney’s Office say the suspect was involved in an assault in February, however the case was dropped because they did not have a participating witness.

“Can we please stop the repeat offenders?" said Sandy Smith.

This is a sentiment many in Seattle have been saying since the Prolific Offender report was released.

“We are disturbed and frustrated with the escalation of volatile and violent criminal behavior we see on the streets of Seattle. We appreciate the effort made to date, and continue to look for a short, medium, and long term response equal to the crisis we have on our hands,” said Lisa Howard with the Alliance for Pioneer Square.

Seattle Police say Pioneer Square is an area that is under its emphasis patrols, meaning there are more officers working the streets.

The suspect in Thursday’s attack is charged with four counts of assault and has a $4,000 bail. His next hearing date is August 12th.