Serving coffee to feed a community

MARYSVILLE -- Coffee is a Northwest staple. Drive-through stands dot our landscape. But the customers ordering drinks at one stand in Marysville are actually helping to feed people in their community.

Every Thursday and Saturday the Allen Creek Community Church opens it's food bank to people who need it.

“I'm on emergency unemployment right now,” said Matt Phelps. “My finances are nowhere near what I'm used to getting and the food bank has been helping me."

The church relies  on volunteers and church members to provide the food, but also looks for help from those who can't travel far without that latte or mocha. A year and a half ago the church bought a local coffee stand, and every cent of profit goes toward feeding and helping people in the community.

“We make your coffee count,” said Pastor Dan Hazen. “So they know they can get a high quality cup of coffee or a scone, and  all that profit will go into helping their neighbors.”

There are plenty of those neighbors in need. Pastor Hazen sees them every week. He says it's clear our Northwest coffee craze is helping to feed a community, and more.

“We've seen people who are kind of on the edge of despair, who come here on a weekly basis, not only to receive groceries, but to be seen and to be known, so we've heard stories it's actually turned lives around.”