Serious sexual assault allegations at Bremerton shipyard

BREMERTON, Wash. -- An employee at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is exposing disturbing allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

Brandon Hunt has worked at the shipyard since 2009. She said the inappropriate -- and sometimes violent -- behavior that she and other women have experienced is part of the toxic culture.

This week, she decided to release a lengthy Facebook post detailing the harassment and assault she experienced during her decade at the yard. She also included events she had seen and heard about during that time, which includes allegations of rape.

"It’s hard to put yourself out there in such a very vulnerable way," Hunt told Q13 correspondent Simone Del Rosario.

"Why do it?" Del Rosario asked.

"Because I’m not alone and my story isn’t special," she replied.

It's all in her public Facebook post: The lewd conduct, inappropriate comments, transphobia and alleged rape.

"The good ol boy network protected him and failed her. I failed her," she wrote on the rape allegation.

It's a post that got the attention of the entire shipyard and the commander.

"I've actually had to file three separate complaints," this employee said. "There were some really tough times being around these toxic people."

A Puget Sound Naval Shipyard spokesman said the alleged culture in Hunt's post is unacceptable if true and they plan to conduct an investigation. The Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy deferred all questions about the investigation to the shipyard.