Serial intruder suspected of hunting victims through social media

MASON COUNTY, Wash. – Mason County Sheriff’s office is warning women about a man they believe is breaking into their homes to watch them sleep at night. The serial intruder is suspected of hunting his young victims through social media, some as young as 17-years-old, said a press release from the agency.

All the alleged victims have several things in common, say law enforcement, helping them create a warning for women in the area. The women are between the ages of 17 and 22, and work in the service industry, they live with others and “are very active in social media, specifically Facebook,” said the release.

The description sounds like everyone I know, said Amber Fielder, “We all work in fast food. We all have Facebook.” Fielder works at a coffee shop in Shelton, and wonders if she has served the man law enforcement are looking for.

“There’s a good chance,” she said. “A lot of people go to Big Foot Java. It’s a good chance.”

Fielder said one of her friends woke up on Thursday night to find a man staring at her at the end of her bed. Police said they received a 911 call immediately after the incident.

“He just sat there watching her and she woke up and freaked out,” she said. Fielder said her friend lives with her boyfriend and quickly woke him.

“As soon as he woke up, the guy took off out the back door,” she said.

Mason County Sheriff is working with Shelton Police and other law enforcement agencies to find the suspect. The man is described in a press release as “approximately 5’ 10”- 6 ft. tall, medium to thin build, dark shaggy hair, wearing dark clothing and a zip up hoodie sweatshirt.”

During their investigation, the press release said detectives have found six other similar cases in Mason County. Law enforcement say they believe the suspect is entering homes through unlocked doors in the early morning hours to watch the young women sleep.

Hannah Fleeman said a girl she knows is one of those seven cases. She described the suspect as a white male with shaggy hair.

“What if he decides he needs more,” she said. “What if he decides to force his way in. If a pervert wants what he wants, he’s going to get what he wants.”

Fleeman said without a suspect in custody, the community is on edge, especially her circle.

“We’re all girls in the same age range, we tend to go to school together, know each other,” she said.

Law enforcement are asking young women to be cautious about what they post on social media; “specifically regarding your whereabouts, habits, and place of employment,” said the release. They are reminding the community to lock their doors when they are home and report any suspicious activity to 911.