Serial home intruder? Shelton woman awakes to find stranger standing in bedroom

SHELTON, Wash. -- Shelton police and the Mason County Sheriff's Office are investigating a series of incidents in which women have awakened to find a man standing in their bedroom, the Shelton Police Department said Friday. The man flees upon discovery.

Early Thursday morning, a Shelton woman awoke to see an unknown male intruder in her bedroom, police said. When she alerted her boyfriend, who was sleeping next to her, the man fled. She immediately called 911.

During the course of that investigation, police said, a detective discovered there had been six similar incidents in the city of Shelton and in Mason County that had occurred over the last several months.

Police said the victims have been females between the ages of 17 and 22 who live with other people and who all work in the service industry. Police said all of the victims "are very active on social media, specifically Facebook."

The victims described the suspect as between 5-foot-10 and 6-foot, with a medium to thin build, dark shaggy hair, dark clothing and a zip-up hoodie sweatshirt.

"The suspect most likely entered the residences through unlocked doors in the early morning hours," the Shelton Police Department said in a news release.

The Shelton Police Department and the Mason County Sheriff’s Office want to remind residents to follow a few simple safety guidelines:

    "Please be cautious regarding social media postings," the news release said. "Posting possible names, photos, or non-factual information can actually hinder the investigation. If anyone has information regarding these crimes, we encourage you to call the Shelton Police Department or the Mason County Sheriff’s Office."