Selfish selfie leads New York Post and more in trending

It's Wednesday, and I'm tired after dancing my feet off at Deck the Hall Ball at Key Arena last night. I have a headache, and it's probably from all the $9 beers I drank. Check out our photos from the show!

Selfish selfie makes cover of the New York Post: A woman cracked a smile in a selfie in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, while crews tried to talk down a suicidal man in the background and scores of onlookers watched. It's so offensive, some are calling it 'Selfie-Gate.' (The man was eventually talked off the ledge.)

Signs of life? The NASA Hubble Telescope has detected water in the atmospheres of five planets behind our solar system. They are all about the size of Jupiter, scorching hot and unlikely to host life. But, finding water is a step forward in identifying planets able to support alien life.

I Love Lucy in color:  LUUUUUCY! CBS will rebroadcast 'The Christmas Episode' of 'I Love Lucy,' and for the first time, it will be in color. The show originally aired in 1956. It'll air again this year, on December 20th.

Best kitten gif of the day: Yup. Nuff said.

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