SEE IT: Family sets Christmas light display to 'Let it go' from Disney's 'Frozen'

AUSTIN, Texas -- John Storms and his family have been putting together light shows set to popular songs since 2010.

This year, the family’s lights are synchronized to one of the most popular songs of the year, “Let It Go” from the Disney's “Frozen”.

According to the family, the “green” light display only costs $6 in electricity to run for the entire season.

The video on YouTube has been viewed more than 750,000 times.

Were you wondering why there's a single cactus in the display? Here's what the family has to say about that:

"The cactus has been part of our display before there was a display. My wife and I found it alongside the road and fell in love with it. (plus we live in Texas so we can get away with it)"