Second Amendment Foundation, NRA sue city of Edmonds over gun safety measure

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- The Second Amendment Foundation announced Tuesday that it and the National Rifle Association are suing the city of Edmonds over its new gun safety measure. They filed a similar suit against Seattle last month.

The city of Edmonds would require guns to be locked up in homes and sets fines for violations ranging up to $10,000.

“It is clear to us that a handful of cities are trying desperately to erode Washington’s long-standing preemption law,” said Second Amendment Foundation founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “Their goal is to discourage citizens from exercising their rights under the state and federal constitutions by financial intimidation. The city council clearly understands preemption, but went ahead with this ordinance, anyway, undoubtedly knowing it would be overturned by the court."

Gottlieb said that under Washington law, the Legislature has exclusive authority for all firearms regulation, including but not limited to “registration, licensing, possession, purchase, sale, acquisition, transfer, discharge, and transportation of firearms, or any other element relating to firearms or parts thereof, including ammunition and reloader components.”