Seattle woman is getting a laugh everyday with silly sidewalk antic

SEATTLE -- Lately, the best pick me up is a good laugh and one Seattle woman has found a way to laugh every day.

“I saw it on Facebook and it just brought me back to Monty Python silly walks and cracking up with my family I made some signs,” Talvo said.

The signs posted outside Talvo’s home, along Woodland Park Ave N, in Wallingford are prompting people passing by to bust out in their silliest walk or dance.

“The parents will actually read the sign and start dancing it takes a minute for the kids to catch on by the time they reach the second car it’s a pretty good scene,” neighbor Greg Francke said.

On Saturday,  Talvo’ son Declan showing off his signature move, the bunny hop,  followed by his dad showing off the grace of a ballerina.

The laughter it creates leads to connection.

“I heard laughter and in these times you look for laughter,” Carolyn Schott said.

“We say hi to people just walking anywhere now more so than we did before all of this started,” neighbor Suzanne Romain said.

They will keep looking out their windows as long as others play along and Talvo is keeping score.

“There definitely has been a lot of 10s I am not a picky scorekeeper,” Talvo said.

It’s all about getting a little silly because we all need to laugh.