Seattle Union Gospel Missions finds a way to get Thanksgiving meals out during pandemic

Despite restrictions due to COVID-19, the Seattle Union Gospel Mission is still finding a way to provide meals to folks in need around Thanksgiving.

Usually, there is a line out the door at the Seattle Union Gospel Mission on Thanksgiving.

“It feels like family. It feels like you’re coming home to thanksgiving meal,” said Brian Chandler. “it’s just a beautiful time,” he added.

Chandler is the director of outreach for the Seattle Union Gospel Mission.

He says this year due to the pandemic, they will not have their annual feast. However, that does not mean they aren’t feeding the community.

“We’ve been doing what we can to kind of take Thanksgiving to the street,” he said.

It’s a joint effort with St. Thomas Orthodox Church and several catering businesses.

Chandler says this year has been especially difficult for folks in need due to COVID-19. Providing services during the holidays is essential he says.

“When hope’s gone everything’s gone, and being able to be out there and see the hope on people’s faces, that’s why we do what we do,” said Chandler.

Volunteers are usually a big aspect of the Thanksgiving meal at the Seattle Union Gospel Mission.

If folks still want to be involved this year, you can donate money which goes toward meals. For more information click here.