Seattle to pay $100,000 for UW geography student's rough arrest

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle is paying $100,000 to a University of Washington geography student who suffered broken bones in his face when he was arrested in 2012.

The Seattle Times reports that David Pontecorvo claimed he was pulled off his front porch by officers and beaten with fists, batons and a flashlight because he was videotaping as they arrested one of his friends during a party. His lawyer says he underwent surgery in June to repair his damaged sinuses.

The police responded to a noise complaint at Pontecorvo's West Seattle home, and the partyers turned down the music. But as officers were leaving, someone turned it back up. The police returned and arrested one of the people in the house.

Pontecorvo, then 19, and another friend began recording the arrest on their cell phones. One officer told them to stop. Video shows Pontecorvo being ordered outside, then yelling that he's not resisting and asking why the officers are using force.