Seattle sunshine a much-needed break from clouds and rain

SEATTLE -- When the sun is out in Seattle, everyone and everything is out!

The mountains, boats, people, dogs, you name it, were all out Wednesday to soak in the sunshine. It was a bit chilly, but nothing a jacket couldn't fix. It's all thanks to a high-pressure ridge that left the sky cloudless.

Folks at Alki Beach played in the sand and soaked up the Vitamin D while taking in the spectacular views.

"You look at the mountains and it's just breathtaking," said West Seattle resident Rachel Wendler.

The sunny sky was a welcome surprise for out-of-towners.

"We were coming in and it was so funny, my daughter Emilia thought we landed at the wrong airport because she said, Mommy, it's not raining, and usually every time we come here it's raining," said Kate Smits who was visiting from Dallas.

For locals, the 2-day sunny streak is a much-needed break from the usual clouds and rain, especially after a wet start to the year.

"It's a good day to be out in the sun," said SODO resident Terry Houser.

The nice weather will continue on Thursday. It will be frosty in the morning but sunny during the day.

Friday will be dry but some clouds head in by the afternoon. Saturday has some showers but mainly for the Coast and Mountains. Sunday looks breezy and wet.