Seattle record store offering $1,000 reward for help recovering stolen van

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(Easy Street Records)

A Seattle record store is offering $1,000 for help recovering a stolen van, which was gifted to them by singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile.

Easy Street Records staff say a passenger van given to them by Carlile was stolen near Alki Beach overnight Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The newer van was meant to replace an old van they had for years.

According to staff, the new van has over 180,000 miles put on it, and was the first thing Carlile’s group bought when they got signed—their first tours were based out of the van.

When Easy Street Records got the van, they painted it black. It was originally white.

Staff say the van has a Brandi Carlile/Maple Valley sticker on the back panel window, and a scrape on the driver’s side that shows the original white paint underneath.

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The van is a 2005 Chevy Express, Washington license plate #BUB3110.