Seattle Public Library staff authorized to treat opioid overdose victims with Narcan

Seattle Central Library. (ɱ // CC BY-SA 4.0)

Seattle Public Library authorized staff to give Narcan to people suffering opioid overdoses.

The library announced Wednesday that, after a review of legal and safety issues, certain trained staff volunteers will be permitted to use Library-supplied Narcan (naloxone) to overdose victims on library property.

Library officials say they worked with the City Attorney’s Office and other city departments to reach the decision.

The Narcan is not available yet—doses are on their way to city libraries, where they will be kept in staff-only first aid kits.

Additionally, the library warns that there is no guarantee someone suffering an opioid overdose will get Narcan, as it depends on volunteer availability.

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In those instances, like they have been doing already, they will defer to the Seattle Fire Department for medical help.