Seattle Police West Precinct defaced, police say

A defaced exterior of the Seattle Police Department West precinct was found late Friday, police reported.

The precinct, located at 8th Avenue and Virginia Street, was tagged multiple times, police stated via the SPD blotter.

The markings stated phrases such as, "No Justice, No Peace!" and "BLM", in addition to an expletive.

In days prior, large groups of people could be seen protesting outside the West Seattle precinct. On Friday around 9 p.m., a large group protested in front of the precinct, and shortly after, individuals in the area reported individuals spray painting the outside of the precinct.

At this time, SPD does not have any suspect(s) in question.

Officials say anyone that has additional information about the incident is asked to call Seattle Police.

In weeks prior, the Seattle Police East Precinct was defaced by protestors inhabiting the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone, known as the 'CHOP', formerly as the 'CHAZ'.

Seattle Police and protesters prompted SPD to abandon the Precinct, occupied by demonstrators in the now barricaded nine-block protest zone.

Seattle police have not stated at this time what the next steps for the abandoned East precinct will be.