Seattle Police under investigation after viral video shows clash between officers and protesters

SEATTLE – A viral video showing a confrontation between Seattle Police and protesters over the weekend is now under investigation by the Office of Police Accountability.

The video, now with more than 2.6 million views on Twitter, shows an altercation between officers and demonstrators at a pro-President Trump rally on Saturday, which also included counter protesters.

An SPD officer can be seen apparently tripping over his bike before grabbing a protester and setting off a confrontation between several officers and protesters.

Critics of the video claim officers crossed the line and attacked the protester, but Seattle Police says the video doesn't tell the whole story.

"What I do know is often we get a glimpse of something, we don’t necessarily know the full gamut of what occurred," Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told Q13 News. "I want to make sure that there’s a very thorough, full investigation from start to finish about what happened and what occurred. We’ll let the facts take us to the truth."

Best said she asked the Office of Police Accountability to get involved.

OPA confirmed to Q13 News that it has “launched an investigation regarding this incident, including reviewing all available video and conducting interviews to determine whether violations of policy occurred.