Seattle police to beef up patrols citywide Sunday

SEATTLE --  Seattle police say they will be on the offensive Sunday to make sure things don’t get too crazy before, during or after the NFC Championship Game -- patrols are to be increased across the city.

Seattle fans are bursting with pride. Almost every corner of the city is decked out; even the youngest fans are showing their support. Students at Dry Creek and Sultan elementary schools lined up to create the iconic 12th Man symbol on Friday.

12th man signAs the excitement escalates, so does the tension.

“I am going to be nervous as heck.  I hope there are a lot of broken TV’s down in San Francisco,” Seahawks fan David John said.

For many, there is more at stake on Sunday than just the NFC title.

“Both teams have this animosity against one another,” Temple Billiards owner Rolando Salinas said.

But bar owners say they are prepared for a rowdy crowd.

“You have got to expect that this Sunday, unfortunately. We are going to have to weed people out,” Salinas said.

Seattle police will be fanned out on the streets -- not just in Sodo or Pioneer Square but citywide.  

“Normally we wouldn’t increase staffing citywide, but, like I said, we realized that this is a championship game,” Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson said.

Salinas said it's what occurs out in the street, not in his bar, that needs to be checked.

“We can actually monitor and see what is transpiring here in the establishment, but outside there definitely has to be a (police) presence,” Salinas said.

Police will be in uniform, others in plain clothes and some will even be undercover at CenturyLink wearing 49ers jerseys.

“There may be some insults hurled back and forth but it’s pretty much in good fun,” John said.

Police say the 12th Man has behaved all season, The Alliance for Pioneer Square is confident this Sunday will be no different.

“There is no major concern for any negative activity afterwards,” Lisa Dixon said.

No concern -- just anticipation with just one victory away from the Super Bowl.