Seattle Police looking for man cutting bike brake lines

SEATTLE -- Seattle police are looking for a man they say is intentionally sabotaging bike-share bicycles.

Police say the man cuts the brake lines of bikes, and he’s been doing this for the last couple of months.

Surveillance released by police shows the man walking up to several bikes parked at 4th Avenue and South Main Street. Police say he can be seen “manipulating what appears to be a cutting tool around the bikes’ brakes before he walks out of frame.”

Police say they’ve found surveillance photos from months earlier which appear to show the same doing the same things near 4th Avenue and Holgate.

“Somebody could die,” said Brian Nordwall. “it’s a pretty sick, evil thing to do to cut brakes cables,” he added.

Nordwall is the owner of Seattle E-Bike. A bike shop in the neighborhood where police say the incidents have occurred.

Inside his store, his employees help people fix their brakes.

One of Nordwall’s employees, Jasiah Ruby, says he always warns people about using bike-shares.

“Check the bike before you ride it, just for your own safety it’s worth doing,” he said

Detectives are also investigating other similar cases in other parts of the city but have not confirmed the incidents are connected.

If you recognize the man in the video, police ask you to contact them: (206) 386-1855