Seattle Police Foundation works with local businesses to keep officers safe

SEATTLE - The Seattle Police Foundation is helping officers stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The nonprofit has raised thousands of dollars to purchase emergency safety supplies, like hand sanitizer.

Friday, Seattle Police picked up a fresh batch of sanitizer from Glass Distillery in Sodo.

For the last two week, Glass Distillery has stopped all production on vodka and instead is focusing on making hand sanitizer.

Ian MacNeil is the founder and distiller at Glass Distillery. He says he’s happy his business is able to help people working on the front line.

“Feeling like we’re actually helping and we’re doing something for the community, and we’re making people feel comfortable and safe. It is better than sitting in my apartment doing nothing,” he said.

The Seattle Police Foundation is constantly working to make sure officers have the right equipment, not just during this pandemic.

For more information on the work they do or how to get involved click here.