Seattle Police Department releases audio after 2 officers shoot, kill woman

SEATTLE -- A police dash cam recording system captured audio of two officers shooting and killing a 30-year-old woman who had a knife, according to Seattle Police.

In the four-minute long audio clip, released early Monday morning, police can be heard talking to the woman about a break-in at her apartment. Moments later, officers started yelling “get back, get back” before the sound of gunfire.

Listen to the full audio clip below. WARNING: Graphic content.

Family members say the woman killed by police was Charleena Lyles. Her three children were inside the apartment at the time of the shooting.

“If she had a knife, you could`ve knocked it out her hand,” said her sister, Monika Williams.

Loved ones and friends left candles, flowers, and signs outside her apartment near Magnuson Park Sunday night. They don’t believe police needed to use deadly force.

“She's not big at all,” said Lyles’ brother, Domico Jones. “If worse came to worse, you'd use a Taser instead of a gun for someone that has three kids inside of her house.”

Following a recent arrest, her family says Lyles found out she was pregnant. Her children are now with family members.

Before the shooting, police can be heard discussing an officer safety caution designation that was in place due to a previous encounter at her home in an apartment building near the 6800 block of 62nd Ave NE.

“Officers had dealt with this particular unit, this particular caller, just recently. There was some hazard information in there,” said Detective Mark Jamieson.  “So that prompted a second officer to respond.”

Family members say Lyles has a history of mental illness.

Both officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave.