Seattle police: Cop steps in to protect crowd from 'erotically entwined' eagles

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Police Department reported Friday that one of its officers was forced to put "herself in harm's way" to protect a curious crowd from the sharp talons of a pair of "erotically entwined ... horny" eagles on the ground.

In a post on the department's online blotter, the police said officer Vanessa Flick drove past Seattle's Leschi Park at about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday and saw a large crowd gathering around a bald eagle lying on a paved pathway.

“At first glance, I did not detect any movement from the eagle and assumed it was deceased, but then observed that the bird was blinking and breathing,”  Flick wrote in her report. “Upon closer inspection I noted that there were, in fact, two bald eagles on the path.”

One man recounted to Flick how the eagles “appeared to spiral mid-air” together before descending into the park.

A second man, who Flick described as “very knowledgeable about bald eagles,” said he believed the birds had locked talons and become stuck after taking part in “a mating ritual.”

Flick called the Seattle Animal Shelter to help the birds, and stayed with the eagles "until their erotic entanglement took one final, majestic turn."

“I felt wind on my face and heard flapping,” Flick wrote. “The two were taking off in flight together.”

The crowd in the park burst into cheers and applause. “Both birds then flew off, together, southbound,” Flick wrote.